Dear Writers

To all you self-proclaimed, published, or whatever you call yourself – writers, I just wanted to share my latest keepsake: 
Here she is!
A fresh, untouched, blank canvas onto which I will spew my thoughts and nonsense and keep until I die. Dramatic? Okay, yes but all giddy nonsense aside – I am so excited! I feel like a little girl again, ready to jot my naive fragments onto paper in hopes that no one (and yet everyone) will read my thoughts. Does anyone else know this feeling when writing?? Such excitement and confidence with every declarative statement and yet utter panic knowing anyone’s greedy hands can open your world in a page-turn’s second?? Phew!
I saw her a week ago… yes, my journal (or book?) is a she. I felt like Lucas when he first witnessed his 12in. Christmas tree all decorated and lit up. He looked at me without hesitation and said, “It’s beautiful.” (Don’t forget, he’s two. As a parent, I melted inside when he said that) I immediately felt the same thought when I saw her. I use ‘felt’ in regards to the connection because my heart started beating, and I knew she was the one who will tell my next story.
As my readers already know, I’ve begun somewhat of a spiritual journey. I turned to the library for help and came across a book called Choosing a Jewish Life: A Handbook for People Converting to Judaism and for Their Family and Friends – written with such beautiful empathy by Anita Diamant. Aside from its obvious religious content, the book offers great advice to anyone at a turning point – to journal one’s new journey. I sat up in my bed and thought, Wow, why didn’t I think of that?? Of course I have notebooks full of poems, stories, thoughts… but to buy a book for one purpose – strictly to satisfy my spiritual, “religious” self? So many questions I have. So many thoughts running through my head all the time. Why not keep tabs on all of these thoughts during this time of self exploration? Thus, I found her.


Note inside the journal

Although I love blogging and sharing with the world my struggles and triumphs as a person and mother, the power of the pen is my first love.

Happy writing!


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