Digging Down Deep: Last Day

For my readers:
To write is to see again.
To write is to feel the warmth of a true friend.
This pen speaks not a word.
Only to translate my thoughts – unheard.
Read what you may,
Those feelings I harbor each day.
But remember to make haste,
For these thoughts run at an immeasurable pace.
Beautiful and unspoken.
Ugly and broken.
What I think and feel is unraveling.
My thoughts are my own,
To know I am never alone.
My hope is that you see these thoughts
As blueprints of emotions I’ve fought.
Reach deep inside my soul.
Grasp each letter until you’re full.
Until my words have encompassed your mind
Only then will you find…
Beautiful and unspoken.
Ugly and broken.
What I know releases me.
I pray you find relief.
Until now, you knew not of my grief.
But in knowing you can now see
The beautiful breakdown that defines me.
Love and empathy  – imprinted in my heart.
Like a wound left by war, never shall we part.
Pain is my most powerful instrument,
To play a timeless melody is my intent.
Beautiful and now spoken,
It is you who holds this token…
Keep my truth close to your heart.
And never…. Shall we part.

–Original Poem–

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