Nice to Meet ‘Ya – Revised

So the residue of your New Year’s resolution has worn off, and you’re left disappointed in yourself, once again. Sometimes we think that the New Year is our only chance to make changes to improve ourselves. Whoever thought winter – cold, dormant, gray winter – was a great time of the year to get energized and jump on the bandwagon of, “Let’s make changes and head to the gym!!” clearly didn’t think about the foot and a half of snow and ice that would greet him as he trotted to the car. Road blocks. Speed bumps. We all have them. Some people say, “When it gets warmer, I’ll run outside.” Or, “When I save enough money, I’ll get a gym membership.”
Maybe it isn’t working out that is your hurdle. What are you putting off? Looking for a better, more fulfilling job? Need to deep clean your house? College kids know all too well that procrastination is a friendly foe who grabs your hand and pulls you away from assignments, deep thinking, and hard work. Whether big or small, we all have plans for ourselves, and sometimes our mind makes it impossible to tackle those challenges.
And spring arrives. A chilly spring at first, yes, but spring nonetheless. Nature is waking up, sleepy eyes and messy hair. Her sunrises are warm, her clouds fluffy – wonderfully decorated with silver linings for the beholder to discover. There is a message in warmer temperatures, chirping birds, and the fresh scent of rain – change will always come.
If nothing else, why not stop for a minute to observe these changes? One doesn’t take a journey without a guide who knows the paths. Who knows change better than Mother Nature? Breathe in the thick air. Taste the raindrops that water the budding flowers. Take in a sunrise – the oranges, pinks, and reds that reflect the sun might bring inspiration, if only for a moment.
I started this blog – originally titled Addicted to Doing – to chronicle my activities with my son (Nice to meet ‘ya). It has slowly evolved into a soul searching escape; a journey to chronicle my thoughts, as I experience this world. Although I will continue to blog about my adventures in parenting, the spring reminds me that it is only natural to reexamine the path of all things. It is okay to wake up and pave a new road.
“Like the birds that gather in the treetops at night and scatter in all directions at the coming of dawn, phenomena are impermanent.”
 And so are you.
Just as nature changes, you can too. 

One thought on “Nice to Meet ‘Ya – Revised”

  1. Fell upon your beautiful site and love it! Touches a lot of me, my thoughts, my questions……which are many….and many of which will never be answered outside of myself. Your viewpoints hit a nerve and shall we say “tickle my fancy”. I congratulate you on this site, your motherhood, your life and choice to express freely your inner voice….which at times I struggle with.
    Joy & peace

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