All Ways Thankful

he is the one you want to be beside as you discover everything tomorrow has in store


We all have one. Who is yours? Read the above statement again. And answer, without hesitation. You know who it is. You know about whom I am referring — the person you want by your side as you take on the wonders and challenges of this life – to be your copilot.

Some of us can only dream of him/her. Others of us know exactly with whom we could wake up each morning, hold hands tightly forever, and lay our heads next to as the sun sets. Oh come on, I am not being unrealistic. I am not talking about Twilight novels, love at first sight, or other over-fantasized, lovey-dovey, Nicholas Sparks bullshit that us 20-somethings gobble up and devour quicker than my 2-year-old eats his favorite cookies. I am talking about a best friend!

Who is the person you call as soon as your front tire goes flat? What about when you are offered a promotion at work; with whom do you celebrate? Who is the person on the other end of the line listening to your sobs of confusion in this world fueled by pre-menstruation and existential bewilderment? More importantly, who is the person kissing your thoughts goodnight and coincidentally reappearing the moment the sun rises — before conscious, rational thought invades and steals the innocence of the morning light’s sweet Good Morning?

Sometimes, we as humans crave affirmation. Sometimes our best friends need to be reminded that they are appreciated. Whether your best friend is the same sex, opposite sex, your husband, wife, or maybe even the lifelong friend for whom you have fallen and have yet to confess your undying love — whatever the case, never forget to remind him/her what he/she means to you…


To my best friend:

You saved me.

You took every penny in my bank and showed me the beauty of both sides.

You looked into my eyes and asked the right questions.

You gathered my tears and with them, wrote a song. Our song.

You held my hand and rested it upon your chest — in doing so, I learned to breathe again. Slow and steady.

You sheltered me without question.

You fed me with love.

You opened your world and invited me in, indefinitely.

You fulfill what was once untouched.

You see, it isn’t happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy. You are my best friend, and with you in my life – I am happy.

In each and every way… in all ways possible… I am thankful.

For you.


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