Sex or Love?

Quick food for thought —

During an interesting “life” conversation with a friend, I was asked to pick between the two: love versus sex, if I could only have one for the rest of my life. Without hesitation, I preached:

Great sex only lasts so long. Old age takes away spontaneity, sex drive, good looks. But love, love is forgiving and transcends any bodily transformation or momentary pleasure. Love pleases the heart, always. Even in tough times – if love remains, anything is overcome. Love is a glimpse into the soul, and I’d rather have access to one’s soul that to one’s penis (sorry to be so frank). Essentially, without graphically going into detail, there will come a day when our bodies decide sex is no longer an option. Then, with what are you left?

6 thoughts on “Sex or Love?”

  1. Eros – Filio – Agape is three words of love in greek. Agape is the highest form of love, the Divine love. Eternal love. And eros is time limited, like sex. All are forms of love. :)

    Nice blog! Take care!

  2. No debate at all Kiley. A similar question would be would you rather touch and feel touch from your partner or be able to communicate with them. My body likes sex, but my being wants to love and be loved. If you can’t be interested the other 23 and a half hours a day, how are the 30 minutes of naughty time truly fulfilling?

  3. The physical desire for sex will lessen, that is just natural, that doesn’t mean it should stop. What about the idea that these two cannot be so separate. Love providing such a great openness to where sex can be a huge show of connection in-line with the love that is there. Knowing what love is and having it, and even being aware of it, through the years, into older age, should include that physical openness. Another thing to add is that to have love, maybe it is something that needs to include the few elements, one of which is physical, like an acceptance of not only of someone’s’ values and character, but also their body. Not that it has to be in perfect shape, but more like as an extension of them.

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