Something beautiful

There are these moments in time

When you know you have done wrong.

And you know the world is laughing at you.

Pushing you.


Take it all away. This mess we’re in.

My body aches, my mind cries.

We’ve done this for so long.

Who are we now?


I see a different face,

Feel a weaker touch,

Taste a bitter kiss.

Who am I?


The same lies.

Worn out hopes.

Played out dreams.

We’re sinking, walls crumbling.


Inside I’m screaming. Oh how my thoughts let me down.

Let’s run.

Far away from these damn games. This damn place.

Our paths undone.


Breathe in, breath out.

Break down and move on.

I’ll push you, you pull me.

Hold tight. 


You’re so damn stubborn — but new hopes, new dreams, they form.

Life seeps from your pores.

Color in your cheeks, light burning in your eyes.

Passion in your breath.


The silence. Listen.

It is calm. Do not fear it.

Drink it in. It will become you, as I’ve always said.

Wake, again.


Good morning, my love.

Good to see you, again.

Here, now, awake.

Now, hold on to this.


Hold on tight.

Be still in the now.

Be gone with the old.

In time we’ll sort it out.



–Original Poem–

4 thoughts on “Something beautiful”

  1. From “whatever”… to something beautiful. Makes me think of not actually getting something beautiful, but more like coming to see from a different perspective, a realization perhaps. At least for me. Nice work.

    1. Mark,
      You’re onto something! I’ll let you in on a little secret… This poem is EXACTLY that: a different perspective, a realization, ‘whatever’ you want to call it. It’s a reflection of my internal struggle — an evolution of growth, perhaps. You get it, I know you do :)

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