So there you are:

Eyes like the ocean,

Depth immeasurable.


I trace the contour of your lips as you smirk.

They never fail

To invite me in.


Your hands guide me,

Reminding me to fall in love with life,

With each and every breath.


You persist.

You resist.

You’re stubborn and proud.


As the season turns,

The cold approaches.

Please, keep us from the storm.


Your voice, so soft –

Rocks me to sleep as you say,

My sweet.


We walk aimlessly

And play in the rain as children often do.

Yet I feel the peaceful residue of the day wash away.


The chilly winds push me closer to you.

Your warmth blankets my thoughts from the world.

In this moment, it is just us two.


The fading embers of your voice

Leave me. Arms flailing in the darkness,

I reach for the distant echoes.


And I’m awake.

The phone rings.

Is it you?


I guess we’re all just one call away from our dreams.

Your name is the splinter

That reminds me…




–Original poem–




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**Featured image courtesy of Righno Boutique**

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