Dear August

Dear August,

Ahhh hello, my friend. So… lovely? to see you. Another year has come and gone, and we meet again. And so it begins. You steal my daylight, walk hand in hand with the cool winds of change, and leave me anxiously pulling my hair out by your 31st day. You bring so many questions to mind. Why do you do this to me each year? You come and go so quickly, leaving my stomach turning; my mind racing.

Feeling queasy and confused, I’ll be thankful as ever with your departing gift — Rich hues of red, orange, yellow, and brown; the scent of dried and crunchy leaves that tickle my nose; and a chill that sends me clinging to the first sign of warmth – You always do remind me of the necessity for human touch; a longing to be near others during my quarterly attempt to avoid the inevitable: change.

Your message is beautiful – find strength in change, solace in letting go, and comfort in relinquishing fear.

The circadian rhythm of your song is undeniably sung each year. Perhaps I will try to hum a few notes. Be patient with me.


Warming up to you,


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