When you let her go

I don’t know you.

But I want to.

Cloudy, murky waters

Laying stagnant in my mind.


Messenger birds deliver these words.

Upon their feathers,

My heart.

Upon their arrival,

Open yours.


Upside down.

Right side up.

Wonderful games.

Our souls play freely.


You paint me black.

Dear Love, I’m falling.

The hum of our secrets dives with me.

Your brush strokes firmly draw the line.


Let me down easily,

And I’ll bat my lashes.

Reel you in,

Prize fish, you’re mine.


Did you misread my lips?

Oh boy, smile again.

This talk can wait.

Laugh with this ignorant bliss.


Let me guide you,

Take your hands.

Follow mine.

Conjure up regrettable memories.


Melt into these sheets,

Tired bedclothes at best.

Muster a smile for me, again.

Forget the rest.


Flaming words burn on your lips.

Not now.

Not soon.

Not ever.


Rest easy, you say?

You are loved, you say?

We can never lose

What we have never found.


Did you smile at this bliss,

Playfully loving me?

Walk proud as you leave

For you set the caged bird free.


Did I ever deserve you?

Will you ever deserve me?

Be gentle with your soul

For now it carries of piece of us, unseen.


—–Original Poem——


I want to thank my readers for being patient with me – as this blog has become an escape for my poetic words to float freely, wildly yelling my deepest thoughts, perhaps my deepest regrets, feelings and sorrows. Poetry, for me – is one of the most therapeutic ‘ways’ of handling intense emotion, and something beautiful inevitably emerges from the rush of feelings that floods my mind – or that is the hope, at least! Sometimes I wish I could just say, “This is what is going on in my life, now I’m going to talk about it on this blog….” But I find that to respect those in my life, and to create something relatable to you – my wonderful readers – poetry is a way to connect on multiple levels. If you think about it – your perception of my words is your own. Each poem is perceived differently with each reader. Perhaps you know exactly what I’m saying, and perhaps you don’t understand the words but you understand the feelings. My hope is that if you can connect, even with one line, one word, then my job is done. If you have that moment where you think to yourself, “Ah, I get it Ki. I get it” then I sit happy, here, now.

Proudly embrace your passions. Continue creating. Continue the flow. Stay focused — feet firmly planted upon your foundation of truth.

Cheers, readers.



Musical influence for this post: Passenger – Let Her Go




One thought on “When you let her go”

  1. What is ‘deserve’, does it really mean anything? Karma some say, a word that is used incorrectly most the time. Play, games, guiding, reading, misreading, experiencing. You feel that, perhaps that is all there is in its essence… that playing. Or perhaps not, but a perspective, not an identification, just a perspective…

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