Hopes and Dreams

A poem for my son – with reference to his polite refusal of his mother’s milk




Salty waters swelled

As you announced your arrival.

Slow and steady,

Graceful cries of

“I’m here!!”



Tears freed,

Aquatic relief danced upon my cheeks.

Panic, planning, patience,

Love —



I love how you lit up the room,

Bringing color to those cold, white walls.

I love how you light up my life

And how my eyes light up at the thought

Of you.


Your refusal to take to me –

Allowed heartbreak to swallow me up,

Intimate with frustration and patience.

You stubborn thing, you.

I should have known then

Your desire for independence.


I see in that mind of yours,

Countless wheels spinning,

Immeasurably paced.

Won’t you blanket me

With your curiosity?


If only I could bathe

In the freshness you emanate,

Soak up your youth.

Won’t you share it with the world?


Lucas, teach them

Like you taught me.

Show them how to let go

And be free.

Please, do this for me?


The way you dance through this house,

I hope you dance through life just the same.

I hope I teach you to

Love yourself.

It is the only source of truth.


Who you are,

Who you will be,

I already love.


When you say you love me,

Do you know how I love you?




—-Original Poem—-




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