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On the library floor

Laid on the floor of the library today.

Thought to myself,

This is really quite cray!

If a passerby comes,

Well what shall I say?

Excuse me kind sir,

It’s been a rough day.

So I thought it best to rest here and lay.

And what do you know – a beautiful display!!

Caught my eye and led me astray.

To the ceiling my thoughts now focus this way.

Take a picture, dear Ki, let your mind freely play.

Yes, that is surely what I will say,

If a passerby comes as I lay here today.

—Original Poem—

(Photo taken that fine day, as I quietly lay)


photo (4)

*Based on a true story

*Inspired by the whimsical styles of Dr. Seuss

Cheers to embracing your weirdness and breaking social norms!!



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