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Peaceful Warrior

She warns you quite well.

Can’t you see?

Can’t you tell?

With a message so clear:

Ease your mind now, please dear.


Your busied life — she protests:

You must slow down and get your rest.

Do not refuse, you have no choice.

She gives you snow – the soundless voice.


White noise which

Brings you peace.

An eerie break,

A welcomed release.


A rather frigid, biting breeze.

Oh what a wonderful reprieve!

Your life condemned by extraneous deed,

Abruptly halted by Her it seems.

We are powerless, indeed.

Embrace the stillness, now seen.


Kisses from eggshell skies

Fall down upon your eyes.

With each flake that hits your nose,

Make haste in your repose.


A peaceful warrior’s pause on life,

You must follow her lead sans strife.


It is now you feel the calm

Of Mother Nature’s winter song.

So while you whine as inches grow,

I give thanks for timely snow.


—Original Poem—


photo (5)

Special thanks to a beautiful friend who reminds me (daily) to embrace the peace, feel the calm, and remain present in this life


2 thoughts on “Peaceful Warrior”

  1. Wonderful poem, love that you’ve turned the tables on the doomsday voices that are focusing on the ways this colossally weird weather is impacting their lives negatively…I like the vision of it as a respite from the crazy pace of life. Very nice concept, beautifully written!

    1. Thank you, Matt! I can’t say it enough: how grateful I am that you continue to read and share your thoughts! This weather could surely be seen as an impediment — but for me, it is more productive to see these situations as time for reflection.

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