Swim Into Me

The sound of your eyes,

Enchanting whispers,

Ignite a fire deep in my bones.

Sirens to my soul.

Oh dear Odysseus, to emulate your resistance,

My feeble heart cannot.

Now these eyes, they call out to me, why?


Each pupil spills a secret,

Enticing elixirs enter my body.

Exit upon intoxication of my entire being.

Why do you elicit such thoughts?

Why do you excite me so?


Dark chocolate irises

Tempt me —

Shall we dance in a sea of unknowns?

Each cornea cries,

Swim into me!

Undress the veil of thought!

This moment of uncertainty,

Blissful eternity,

Don’t blink!!

For surely you’ll lose me.


A song sung soothingly,

You invite me in tactfully,

Those eyes.

Why yes, I’ll be your cup of tea.

Promise to drink me in thoroughly?

Why deny these eyes

Laid so gently upon me?



–Original Poem–



I challenge you to look into someone’s eyes today. Feel what only his/her eyes say to you. We can say so many ‘things’ without uttering a word. Body language speaks volumes. You just have to listen.

Cheers, readers!





8 thoughts on “Swim Into Me”

  1. Your poem rocks hardcore, melts like butter, and blazes like a Phoenix fire! Super duper stuff, paired with your perfect shot….allow a subtle riff if you will in your comments section…
    Swim into me. Set me spinning inward endlessly, through dulcet portals to the soul, where piercing gazes fill that hole, and free senses blinded and ensnared by simple staring…

    1. Ah!!! Your riff!! Loving this reciprocity of creativity that we have going on right now — always share more riffs if it tickles your fancy to do so. I’d love to hear your take on “Shall we dance in a sea of unknowns” — thanks for sharing, ah I just love this!! You’re awesome :)

  2. Ok reciprocal soul, I will give it a go, thanks for letting me play along with your beautiful words…

    Adrift….in this sea of unknowns
    Ripped free from the mooring
    Waves of thoughts for exploring
    The chill settling deep into bones

    All the heat of a summer, refined
    In the wordless minds conquering matter
    The explosion of neurons that shatter
    The physical forms ill-defined

    The eyes hold the dreams of a soul
    And the boundless sea of unknowns
    Guards the sacred secrets it owns
    And returns fractured spirit to whole

    1. This is beautiful! You could make an entire ‘original piece’ out of this! You are a fantastic poet…. “The explosion of neurons that shatter the physical forms ill-defined.” —– Brilliant. Yes, exactly. Thank you again for sharing!!!!

      1. Aw, that is really, really kind. I think it is awesome that you have created this wonderful space, shared so openly for over a year, and are so willing to interact with others that share some of your passion. Thanks for the generous indulgence of my riffs, and keep on writing these wonderfully powerful (and exquisitely written) pieces!!!

        1. I should be thanking you!! (hahahah how many times can we thank each other on here and Instagram?) It is a pleasure to ‘share’ with others and to hear new/returning voices speak up in comments, criticism, and creative collaborations such as this one! So glad we’ve opened this door of creativity! I’m excited :)

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