Lend your ear to a flower. I think this is what she’d say….



You ask, what might my thoughts entail?

Well human, my language is beautifully frail.

I will whisper my thoughts, my wisdom, my strife

If you promise to listen to a simpleton’s life.


My birth, so humble, in a cold, damp place

Where transformation ignited my elegance and grace.

From the darkness I rose to a world brand new.

Brains remain dazed, “How is it possible she grew?”


As I stretch each day, my roots finger deep.

My inner is hopeful to unburden my grief.

My stem I admire — such strength to the core

But passersby gawk and lust after more.


Hypnotic scent upon my petals, “It is certain,” They say

“That diligent bees will visit one day.”

But the bees I loathe, for they come and they go.

It is the sun who sustains my desire to grow.


Do you follow, dear human?

Do you hear what I say?

Can you feel the music

Of my silent display?


I stand here rooted, observant of you.

You humans amaze me at how much you ‘do.’

You work, you wander, you question, you squander.

No wonder you flock as you do.


Step away from the bustle, you all come in herds.

Leave your cities behind to admire my words,

But why do you pick me so?


You lust after beauty,

You see me, you use me

And open the wounds I have sewn.


Can you feel my death

In your brilliant displays

On your tables, in vases, in windowed cafes?

When my frailty shows, tossed away I go

And you forget my life and my gift.


So human, you see, life is simple to me:

Born, I grow

To the world, I show

Love is the way, I know.


Do not pick me now,

Please step away somehow

For my gift can be yours

If you open Love’s doors

To abundance galore

This I know for sure.


Just please do not take me, bend me, or break me.

To possess me is not love at all.


Stroke me, smell me, do as you please

But leave me to bask in this cool spring breeze.

Live slowly and love all that Is on Earth.

Recycle my message

To ignite your rebirth.


I love you, dear human.

Do you love me too?

Reciprocity heals.

Let’s breathe



–Original Poem—


So many thanks to a wonderful friend who challenged me to write from the perspective of a flower and divulge my thoughts and feelings. I am beyond grateful for your creativity, inspiration, and encouragement to post this poem to the blog. Sending light and love to you! Namaste.

7 thoughts on “Listen”

  1. Kiley: me ha llenado de ternura esta poesía tuya,Listen,sabe que tengo el oído, a partir de ahora, atento a lo que escribas; me encanta lo que sale de tu pluma, fruto de una sensibilidad fuera de toda duda.Claro es que no conozco nada la poesía anglófona, y he podido leer tu poesía gracias al traductor de Windows, pero menos es nada.

    1. Mariano – usted es tan amable! Muchas gracias por tomarse el tiempo (¿es esto correcto?) Para traducir y leer el poema! No puedo agradecerles lo suficiente. Estoy tan feliz de que usted continúe leyendo mi trabajo. Hablaremos pronto, mi amigo.

  2. Yes!!! Wonderfully crafted, dripping with imagery, poignant and slightly melancholy, full of explicit and implicit meaning, yet totally accessible. These are the kinds of poems I hope to write….bravo for putting it out there, I love it!!!!

    1. You are TOO KIND! Thanks to you — this poem has life and meaning and purpose. I’m so glad we have these ‘writing challenges’ … It is such an amazing gift we share, inspiring one another — it is blissful. You’re awesome, and I am so grateful we have crossed paths! But, you know this…. :)

    1. Ohhhh I got an ‘excellent’ from Mark!! yaya :) Thank you! This was really fun (and therapeutic) to write. Glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by!

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