light and love

Light and love

The words of my generation pain me:

That’s gay.

You’re a faggot.

Love sucks.

I’ll be alone forever.

Karma’s a bitch.

The ignorance that reigns in the minds of people young and old, but especially of my generation, is disgusting and embarrassing.

With the negativity that you spread as you say things like “That’s gay” and “You’re a faggot” – you’re right, you WILL be alone forever! You will isolate yourself from all that is pure and good in the world because you are too clouded to understand that the words spewed from your mouth are not rooted in love, but in hate. So yes, love must suck for you because what you give out, you receive. Which brings me to my next point. You say karma is a bitch? Do you understand the meaning of karma? With every action that you generate, a force of energy is returned to you in kind. When you choose actions that bring suffering to others, the fruit of your karma is suffering. So when you speak of karma, please remember that the bitch you speak of stems from the actions that you, yourself, take.

And to think, these are the days we’ll look back on and say how easy it was. How good we had it.

I think I’ll pray to every god I know for my generation.

The only way to fix anything is with light and love.


Thanks for listening, readers.

light and love


2 thoughts on “Light and love”

  1. Thank you for redirecting the focus so well. Words now feel like marketing slogans and catch phrases people go to when they don’t want to understand something. As you note, the root of the feeling is self-generated, but love is an inconvenience to some. It threatens their overall worldview. I embrace your words and thank you for them!!

  2. Personally I think those phrases can be interpreted and delivered in a few different ways. My issue with words has always been how they are used, or the deeper intention, as opposed to just the words themselves. What I do like about your post here is that it does make one think, and hopefully those of your generation.

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