would you blog post

Would you?


Your nostrils flare

Just like your dad’s

When you chew.


And your cheeks,

Rosy as hell

Like his, too.


I think you’re beautiful

When you lie to me

And say I’m beautiful.


For a moment

I believe you.

Each moment adds up,

Trust me.

Maybe instead,

I should trust you.


You don’t know it yet

But I started a book

For you

Filled with everything you say

That leaves me struck

In awe of your wisdom.


“The sun speaks with her light,

I can feel her.”

You said this,

Among countless other



Do you know how proud of you I am?

Do you know how amazing you are?

Do you know how much you scare me?


I’d do anything for you,

Would you promise

To forever and unconditionally be



would you blog post

–Original Poem, for my love–




4 thoughts on “Would you?”

  1. Amazing! I love the poem!! Would love to see his book that you are making! I love the photo you took, how does he keep his balance??
    Love you both so much.

    1. Thanks, Sharon!! Lucas was actually mid-jump when I snapped this photo! I got really lucky with this one! Take care, we love you too! :)

  2. He will forever know your love…what a truly moving and beautiful piece. A gift to your whole family, a moment in time that will be timeless. The heart and voice of a mother can change the world, and certainly the world in which Lucas grows and learns love. Those beautiful things he does begin with the love you and his Dad have created for him. Wonderful poem, he will cherish it.

    1. Matt! You are always so kind; and I have to thank you again for reading and commenting and embracing my stories, poems, posts, struggles, all of it. Your support is so wonderful. I hope Lucas cherishes this one day! If not, I’ll remember all of these little moments forever. Children are such a gift.

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