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It feels so lonely, growing up. I feel so alone, as a grown up. I thought I wanted this, but I don’t. Shed me of these layered skins I’ve tried on. They don’t look so pretty after all. I don’t know what I want to be, as a grown up. When will I grow up? I just want to ask questions. I don’t want to have all the answers anymore. I just want to take a hot bath in a pool of unknowns where I drown in naked surrender of the things that scare me…. Like open water. I don’t want anyone to save me. I want to choke the waters that chase my fears deep into my belly until regurgitated truths surface and my breath meets yours in embrace. Relief will hug us as I cry out my fears of growing these roots deep into yours. Breathe in me, you. If I tell you that I’m scared, is that enough to interrupt the pace at which we’ve rushed this life? You’ll always be mine…. Won’t you please let me weather this blow? Changing seasons from a young girl to a grown up. I still need time.

need post

Be patient with yourself…. It’s not the worst thing in the world to wake up and realize that you’re in need.

We all are.

I challenge you to speak up about what you truly need from life, from the Universe, from others, from yourself.

You will be heard, I promise.



This post is for Sally. Your struggle is my struggle. Your happiness is my happiness. I’ve seen the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly — as you have seen all of mine. We may not be living the lives we had planned, but isn’t it beautiful to laugh at our naïve ways as we grow to become the strongest women we always hoped we would be? I love you, and I created this with you in mind.

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  1. The authenticity of this writing voice is freaking electric, so powerfully crafted in this free form dialogue with yourself and the world. I don’t know what you’ll be when you grow up exactly, but I sure as hell hope you keep writing about it. Loved this, well done!

  2. Nice! I just found what I need. Writing! Perhaps you too. You are so skilled at it, and you obviously get a lot out of it. Breathe in me, you ; )

  3. Growing up can be, or should be, acceptance of life and responsibilities, to feel the tie to that, the obligation, not out of ‘duty’ but coming from a place of ‘knowing’ that to be true, as in, like there is no other choice. Yet maybe, beyond that, within that, there is a surrendering as well.

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