My every day

Forget the cake

And the flowers

Forget the cards

None of that matters

It’s you that makes this day so special to me


I feel it in the warmth of our morning snuggles

And your eagerness in waking with the sun

It’s the moment you say I’m ‘beautiful and pretty’

Conveniently when you want something sweet to eat

It’s your honesty in telling me I have a terrible singing voice

It’s your obsessive, compulsive habits like your dad **cough, and me**

It’s our secret missions

And the lessons you teach

The inside jokes

And the subtle looks we give each other from time to time,

Our unspoken language

It’s our silent walks


And afternoon talks

It’s the way you laugh when I speak in funny accents

It’s the shape your eyes make when I tell you I have a surprise for you

It’s the way your little hand fits perfectly inside of mine

It’s the shrill in your voice when I agree to read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

One last time

It’s our spontaneous dance parties to music daddy hates!

It’s the late nights

And early mornings

It’s the sound of you snoring


And the smell of your snuggly head when you first open your eyes

It’s in your “Please and fank yous”

It’s the way you talk yourself through tough situations

And your personal mantra, “I’m breathing,” when you’re scared

I hear it in your giggles when daddy makes you laugh

And in the songs you sing when the radio is on

It’s in the tears we both shed, and wipe for the other

And your concerns as to why Mommy is sad sometimes

It’s your courage


And your strength

It’s the shape of your little hips

And your almond eyes, like mine

It’s in your incessant questions

And curious mind

It’s the sound of your laughter when I pinch just above your knee

It’s the way my heart feels funny when you leave

And the way I feel in this moment,

Holding back my tears.

It’s the comfort in knowing that parenting you is the greatest privilege I’ll ever have

And my greatest accomplishment as a human being

It’s the pride I feel in beginning our story at age 19

mommy and lucaman

And continuing on a path of happiness, health, and unconditional love with you by my side

And Lucas, it’s all of you that makes all of this day and every day

So special.


Mother’s Day is my every day

And for that, I am grateful.

I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much,

Big hugs to you, my little man.

black and white



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