Keep going

Give a damn. Give lots of them.

What you are doing is important.

Who you are is beautiful.

What you are feeling is just.

Feel it all. Feel everything that comes your way.

It’s okay. Let it all move through you.

Sit with it. Sit with your experience. Learn from it.

What you care about in your gut – hear it, dance with it, taste it, feel it.


Keep going.

Sometimes I look at the goals I’ve set for this year and think,

“You’re insane, Ki. These things will never come to fruition.”

But dammit! They will! All of it will happen.

And you know what? It will happen for you too.

My best advice for every day:

If you need help, ASK FOR IT.

If you want love, BE IT.

If you miss someone, SCREAM IT OUT TO THEM.

If it feels right, DO IT.

There is never time to waste wondering.

Keep going. Just keep going. Every day.

Every moment.


I thank the many people who inspire me DAILY. Today is my oldest sister’s birthday. Not long ago, she followed a dream, quit her job, started a non-profit animal rescue… and LIVES, BREATHES, WORKS EVERY DAMN DAY pursuing this dream, caring for countless animals, and saving lives. She gave a damn about her dreams. She gave a damn about the world. She kept going and is one of the most passionate people I know personally. She continues to push through it all. She inspires me every day.

Thank you, Katie. I love you. What you do is important. Who you are is wonderful. What you give back to the world is priceless. I know all of those animals thank you for your hard work, dedication, and love. Us humans thank you too!

If you’d like to donate to Katie’s non-profit rescue, All About the Paw Pet Rescue, click HERE.

Happy birthday, Katie! And happy dreaming to the rest of you. Keep going.

Cheers to you, my wonderful readers.

Light and love to you ALL.




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