The best teacher I’ve ever had

I held my little guy’s hand during our afternoon walk yesterday. He asked why leaves turn colors then quickly interrupted me mid-explanation to say, “Mom, it doesn’t matter why.. it’s just so beautiful. Will I turn colors too?”

I’m so thankful for each moment that brings us closer together. He is the most inquisitive, intuitive, insightful person I know. I wrote a letter for Lucas when we returned home from the park. My hope is that years from now, I can share this note with Lucas when he begins to notice his unique differences as he evolves into the person he’s meant to be:

Lucas, your 4-year-old self told me today that change is beautiful, and you are right. It doesn’t matter why things change, they just do, and it is beautiful when we see with accepting eyes and embrace the moment before us. My sweet little man, evolve and change as you will, and show all your colors to the world. Some of the greatest teachers are the silent trees of the world who show and don’t tell. You seem to catch onto this quite well. Hold onto that. Hold on so damn tight. Few people truly embrace change for what it is. Few people are like you. Few people love as you love. Few people come to know what you know now, at age 4. Thank you for always reminding me why I live and breathe and grow each day. Let’s be like those trees and twist toward the light, turn our colors, shed our bark, stretch our limbs as far as we possibly can, and maybe, just maybe, our roots will grow deep and last a very long time. Your questions make me a better person. Please, never stop asking them. I love you and all your colors. You are the best teacher I’ve ever had. My only request is that you keep playing and dancing and living in the light.

You are loved. You are enough,




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