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Love is a verb

In this fast-paced, electronically obsessed day and age, I wonder: Have we lost touch with our ability to truly connect with one another?

Think for a moment: How are you connecting with your loved ones?

Do you tell them that you love them? Do you show them too? How?

I’m learning that proactive people make ‘love’ a verb

Love is something you do, the giving of self.

So what, then, can we do right now to show someone just how much he/she means to us?

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and I think, How can I make ‘love’ a verb this year? How can I make ‘what I do for others’ speak louder than a simple: I love you? Gifts and flowers and chocolates are lovely, yes, but what is most important is how we show our love day in and day out, right now.


Eat meals together

This is a fantastic time to laugh and spend precious moments (or hours) with the people you love most. It can be inexpensive too! A bottle of wine and a homemade pizza can make anyone happy (or maybe that’s just me). Regardless, it’s not about the food you’re eating – it’s about the memories you’re creating.

Send a hand-written letter (or a postcard, if you prefer a more concise approach – No worries, the simple gesture itself will speak volumes)

What else can you say besides, I love you? Get creative. Write a poem. Write 5 things you love to do with the person receiving your letter. Reminisce about an experience you enjoyed sharing together. Suggest planning an excursion in the coming months. Say whatever you want! I just mailed a 4-page hand-written note to a friend asking nothing but rhetorical questions to keep his mind thinking! It doesn’t matter what you say; it’s that you thought of this person and took the time to sit down and write to him/her that matters.

Smile – it benefits us both

You guys, this is the simplest thing you can do for your loved ones (and for the world). Smiling is linked with “feel-good” hormones (dopamine) in your brain to naturally make you feel happy. And hey, if someone smiles at you, why not smile back?

Pick up the phone and call

For many of you, like me, this is a foreign concept. I text, email, direct message, ‘like’ your photos, but calling?! Eeeek! And voicemail, what is that? But this is such a genuine way to connect with your loved ones. I personally have anxiety talking to someone whose face I cannot see. So for those of you like me, why not try using Skype? It is free, and really easy to use; you can even download the app on your phone. Skype is my personal favorite. With wonderful readers all over the globe, I can connect within seconds, share laughs and advice, and be humbly reminded that there are REAL people out there who are reading my words daily. In this case, we are using technology wisely, and it is a great way to connect with loved ones (and blog readers) afar! Get reconnected!!

My personal favorite: Be present

So once you’ve placed your phone calls, turn your phone off (or silence it) and listen to the people around you. I can recall a moment a couple of years ago, I met with a friend after 13 years of not seeing each other. We organized to meet with friends with whom we attended school as children, and during two days of catching up, I did not see him reach for his phone to check texts, emails, etc. Not once! He lived so beautifully in each moment, and it makes me wonder, can I do that? Can you? Can you forget about checking your phone for an entire weekend? What about an entire day? An afternoon? Challenge yourself. Let’s ‘check’ a little less, and connect a little more.


Make. Love. A. Verb.

Go out and DO something for someone else today and every day.


Light and love and action,


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