An invitation

The most sacred place in my world is wherever I am.


Standing in my office full of potted plants and shelved teachers, swinging with my feet high above the clouds beside a giggling 5-year-old, or revealing myself to strangers in a shared, silent meditation – in each of these moments – every shade, shape, and size of that which is sacred reveals itself to me. An invitation to life. Each moment with its abundant ordinariness is the most sacred moment of all.


I am like everyone else, sometimes I forget to stay clear and present with what is in front of me. I forget to look into another’s eyes as if it’s the first time. I pass the time with mindless tasks and put off my son’s request to travel to the moon in his rocket ship made of cardboard. “Can we play after Mommy is done?” I say. “I need to fold the laundry first.” He nods in agreement with less enthusiasm than before.


I shoo the dog away. His tail drops and his eyelids droop as I coldly deny his invitation to be loved. Then my partner arrives home and in my haste to tackle dinner, I miss his warm smile as he shares good news.


In these very human moments, I forget that what is nearest to me is the most sacred of all. THE most important of all. An invitation to be present. An opportunity to be alive and engaged with those around me.


Thankfully, the world is quite forgiving and eternally patient, and before remembering to come back to this moment, everything waits for me to return. I’m not sure what it is that brings me back.

Sometimes it’s a stranger’s smile. Other days a random act of kindness or even my cat’s persistence in stroking her back reminds me that all we have is right now.


Today the mindless tasks, the incessant planning, and the ‘busy excuse’ can wait. I want to be present for what is here now.


The world is waiting for you.

Won’t you accept today’s invitation?


Open your eyes, slow down, smile, and enjoy.

The magic awaits you.

Light & love to you all,


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