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Nice to meet ‘ya

I’m a self-proclaimed

Anxiety-ridden perfectionist. Therefore, being a stay-at-home momma I feel the need to always teach, explore, and create with my 2-year-old son…

The problem
It’s nearly impossible to feel like I’ve done enough with him each and every day. I always have a way of talking down to myself… “I should have read him a few more books before bedtime – He didn’t technically learn anything new today – We should have played outside, it was so nice out – We haven’t done arts&crafts in a while” ….I think you get the picture…
The truth
Okay, so we don’t visit a new part of the city every day or get new library books weekly. Hell, some days we don’t even get fully dressed until noon! My goal is to be realistic with myself. In my eyes, I’ll never be a good enough mommy, BUT I will try every day for my little man. Us mommies can be really tough on ourselves – our image, our abilities as parents, and fighting off the urge to take care of everyone else first. All self-critiquing aside, the best part about being a momma is the little guy with whom I share every single day…
My goal
To share my fun ideas and struggles along the way (because let’s be honest – every day is NOT a perfectly planned picnic or a brightly colored scrapbook… Lord, don’t even get me started on ‘Scrapbooking with a perfectionist’). The best days are the ones we never plan. Enjoy my unplanned (and sometimes planned) activities!
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