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The Dreamer

Some say the dreamer is a fool — Why be stuck in day dreams when one could be out in the real world, among real people, living in real time?

Well, yes, that would be lovely, wouldn’t it? However, what happens to those of us who dream, always? Where do we fit? Why are we the outcasts, the weird people? Why do our dreams have no relationship with reality? I was told once that I live in dreams; and not reality. Why do ‘real’ people see dreams and realities as mutually exclusive?

To all of you, living in reality, here is my answer:

You see, the dreamer is not the fool. The dreamer knows what most others do not. He does not live in the absence of reality.  He knows — To live reality is to hold tightly to one’s dreams. A persistent dream becomes a constant reality. To live solely in realities is to not live at all; to be content. It means no chance taken; no love gained or lost; no flirtation with risk. Contentment is not found in our vocabulary. By our, I mean us dreamers. Call us fools, call us weirdos, call us what you may. We shall teach you to see the world through our eyes, one day.




**Featured image taken for Righno Boutique, LLC  (Indianapolis) photo shoot — See MORE!

All Ways Thankful

he is the one you want to be beside as you discover everything tomorrow has in store


We all have one. Who is yours? Read the above statement again. And answer, without hesitation. You know who it is. You know about whom I am referring — the person you want by your side as you take on the wonders and challenges of this life – to be your copilot.

Some of us can only dream of him/her. Others of us know exactly with whom we could wake up each morning, hold hands tightly forever, and lay our heads next to as the sun sets. Oh come on, I am not being unrealistic. I am not talking about Twilight novels, love at first sight, or other over-fantasized, lovey-dovey, Nicholas Sparks bullshit that us 20-somethings gobble up and devour quicker than my 2-year-old eats his favorite cookies. I am talking about a best friend!

Who is the person you call as soon as your front tire goes flat? What about when you are offered a promotion at work; with whom do you celebrate? Who is the person on the other end of the line listening to your sobs of confusion in this world fueled by pre-menstruation and existential bewilderment? More importantly, who is the person kissing your thoughts goodnight and coincidentally reappearing the moment the sun rises — before conscious, rational thought invades and steals the innocence of the morning light’s sweet Good Morning?

Sometimes, we as humans crave affirmation. Sometimes our best friends need to be reminded that they are appreciated. Whether your best friend is the same sex, opposite sex, your husband, wife, or maybe even the lifelong friend for whom you have fallen and have yet to confess your undying love — whatever the case, never forget to remind him/her what he/she means to you…


To my best friend:

You saved me.

You took every penny in my bank and showed me the beauty of both sides.

You looked into my eyes and asked the right questions.

You gathered my tears and with them, wrote a song. Our song.

You held my hand and rested it upon your chest — in doing so, I learned to breathe again. Slow and steady.

You sheltered me without question.

You fed me with love.

You opened your world and invited me in, indefinitely.

You fulfill what was once untouched.

You see, it isn’t happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy. You are my best friend, and with you in my life – I am happy.

In each and every way… in all ways possible… I am thankful.

For you.


What’s Your Passion? Spotlight: Righno Boutique

Righno Boutique
Righno Boutique
Meet Corey, 25-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Righno Boutique, LLC. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Corey has grown up with a passion for fashion, a self-motivating drive, and an undeniable pursuit of a dream that has recently brought him to Indianapolis. Through social media – via Instagram – I came across Corey and his “Female model needed” ad for a photo shoot. After an exchange of contact information and a quick hello a few days later at the site of the shoot, I became a display for his vision that is Righno Boutique.

His style is unique, his positive outlook is rare, and his drive is evident. Enjoy his story.

Corey, what is your passion?

I grew up with a passion for fashion. I’ve always loved it. I don’t want to say I’m always judging people, but I’m always looking to see what they are wearing. From toe to head that is. So shoes, socks, jeans, shirt, accessories, you name it – I see it. I’m also a brand whore, but don’t get that confused with a label whore. I hate logos, labels and everything alike. When I say brand that means that I know what everyone is wearing.  I read clothing and stitching! That’s right, stitching. I can tell what jeans you’re wearing just by the stitching on the side of the hip or the butt pocket. This is mainly because I’ve been in retail since I was nineteen.
In 2009, I started my own Clothing Line and called it Enue Clothing, LLC. To me, Enue meant a new beginning; starting over; just something new and refreshing. It meant a lot to me. I was so excited about all of it. I went on to get my clothing in two stores in the Short North area of Columbus, Ohio (Arts District area). I was so excited — I literally walked into the stores and demanded they carry my shirts. Okay, not so much demanded, more so asked. Either way – they said yes, purchased them wholesale, and carried my things.
To make a long story short, I stopped Enue Clothing, amended the name, and turned it into Righno Boutique, LLC.
Tell us about Righno Boutique:
Righno Boutique LLC
Righno Boutique LLC
I’ve always loved rhinos. I think they are beautiful creatures: Strong, wild, ancient and they symbolize confidence. I once read, It is the rhino’s intimate connection with the earth that makes it a perfect symbol for confidence, assurance, steadiness, and sure-footedness.” I would love for my company to symbolize all four of these, and that is my goal. So that is how I came up with the name. I just changed the spelling to be original and make people think when reading it.
For those of you who don’t already know ‘Righno Boutique’ is simply pronounced ‘Rhino Boutique.’ We strongly believe in fashion. We believe that we all have our own idea of what’s hot and what’s not. We want to sell clothing that has a message and a story behind it. We are all about working hard to get where we want to be. Never give up no matter how long or what it takes. If it’s your dream, then you need to push yourself and work hard for it.
Righno Boutique is not for the person who wants to blend in. It is creative, innovative, stylish and original. We have personally hand-picked pieces that we know people will love and be able to blend into their wardrobes as well. We don’t want you to like it; we want you to love it. I like to pick pieces that I think can fit into any person’s wardrobe. So no matter which style you have you can find something you love in my shop. This is why when doing photo shoots I choose people from all walks of life. I love diversity, and I want this company to carry a diverse collection. I’ve always loved the British style. It’s amazing, pure, and they know how to make anything work together.
Our motto is to be loud, be proud, and to never step down – just like a Rhino.
What is the style of the clothing/jewelry/accessories?
The style of clothing is very diverse. You will find bold items as well as pieces styled with simplicity. All of the jewelry I carry is handmade. The only pieces I carry (accessory wise) that are not handmade are my duffel and gym bags. But they are made in the USA so I get a point for that!
Who is your clientele?
Our clientele is the boy, girl, man or woman who wants to feel good, enjoy what he/she is wearing, and who wants to wear it over and over again — Not because everyone else is wearing it but because he/she genuinely loves it. We want everyone to be able to afford it and to find something they love in our shop.
How many employees do you have?
It is just I doing the work. I figure, I know what I like. I know my standards, and I know how to get things done. I am a go-getter. However, please don’t misunderstand: I would love help. If I could find a partner, I truly believe I could get a lot further a lot faster.
What is your dream for Righno Boutique?
Success is in the eye of the beholder. However, I think acknowledgment of hard work will be enough for Righno Boutique.
Any words of inspiration for the readers?
Style is not a game, it’s a lifestyle. We believe only YOU can be YOU. Don’t let anyone tell YOU who YOU are.
Corey is an inspiration to dream big and follow through with said dream. The only way to find out what you love is by DOING it. You may fail miserably, or you may create something amazing. Either way, when you dream it and do it you have all the possibility in the world to LIVE what you LOVE.
“You really don’t find passion, you develop it over time. So go out in the world and try everything you might enjoy doing. The only way you will ‘find’ passion is by doing it, experiencing it, smelling it, failing at it, and getting up to try and fail once more, then more, and more, and more.”
-Viktor Nargornyy
**Be sure to check out RIGHNO BOUTIQUE! You might even see a familiar face!**
Happy shopping, readers!




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Nice to Meet ‘Ya – Revised

So the residue of your New Year’s resolution has worn off, and you’re left disappointed in yourself, once again. Sometimes we think that the New Year is our only chance to make changes to improve ourselves. Whoever thought winter – cold, dormant, gray winter – was a great time of the year to get energized and jump on the bandwagon of, “Let’s make changes and head to the gym!!” clearly didn’t think about the foot and a half of snow and ice that would greet him as he trotted to the car. Road blocks. Speed bumps. We all have them. Some people say, “When it gets warmer, I’ll run outside.” Or, “When I save enough money, I’ll get a gym membership.”
Maybe it isn’t working out that is your hurdle. What are you putting off? Looking for a better, more fulfilling job? Need to deep clean your house? College kids know all too well that procrastination is a friendly foe who grabs your hand and pulls you away from assignments, deep thinking, and hard work. Whether big or small, we all have plans for ourselves, and sometimes our mind makes it impossible to tackle those challenges.
And spring arrives. A chilly spring at first, yes, but spring nonetheless. Nature is waking up, sleepy eyes and messy hair. Her sunrises are warm, her clouds fluffy – wonderfully decorated with silver linings for the beholder to discover. There is a message in warmer temperatures, chirping birds, and the fresh scent of rain – change will always come.
If nothing else, why not stop for a minute to observe these changes? One doesn’t take a journey without a guide who knows the paths. Who knows change better than Mother Nature? Breathe in the thick air. Taste the raindrops that water the budding flowers. Take in a sunrise – the oranges, pinks, and reds that reflect the sun might bring inspiration, if only for a moment.
I started this blog – originally titled Addicted to Doing – to chronicle my activities with my son (Nice to meet ‘ya). It has slowly evolved into a soul searching escape; a journey to chronicle my thoughts, as I experience this world. Although I will continue to blog about my adventures in parenting, the spring reminds me that it is only natural to reexamine the path of all things. It is okay to wake up and pave a new road.
“Like the birds that gather in the treetops at night and scatter in all directions at the coming of dawn, phenomena are impermanent.”
 And so are you.
Just as nature changes, you can too. 

Addicted to: Music

To my readers,

I love writing, but some days all I want to do is listen. I love music. I currently have an addiction to William Fitzsimmons and Edward Maya. Here are a few of my favorites:

Photo Credit: My 2-year-old

This song – ‘Good Morning’ by William Fitzsimmons, is reflected in my post: Good Morning (go figure!)

‘Love Story’ Edward Maya (amazing video!)

‘So This is Goodbye’ William Fitzsimmons

‘Friends Forever’ Edward Maya

Today, I challenge you to take time to listen. To your heart; to your friends; to the world outside. Find beauty in the rhythm of each sound. Hold on to that moment, that feeling.
And simply, Enjoy.

Original poetry inspired by music:
Good Morning
Chained Mind

Get Inspired

I stumbled upon this quote this morning. I do believe sometimes “things happen” at the perfect moment. Timing is on our side, sometimes. Momma Ki and the blog team are getting creative today and collaborating with a lifelong friend who has an eye for photography – updates coming soon. This quote of inspiration could not have come at a more appropriate moment.
I believe wishing upon a star is old news. Instead of waiting for you dreams to come true, make them happen today.
Cheers to creativity and a life worth loving,
Momma Ki