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Life of Ki –Where fleeting thoughts meet a steadfast dream–


My name is Kiley.

I am an individual first, a mother second, a dreamer – always.

I find an “About Me” page a bit redundant because after all, this entire website encompasses the craziness that is: my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fears.

Therefore if you find yourself on this About Me page and wonder — Who is this person? and What is the purpose of this website? I answer you with this: I am an over-feeler, an over-thinker, an over-doer who is itching to find a more peaceful and healthy sense of self. I have a passion for creative writing and a dream to develop said passion for as long as I am inspired to do so. I have a young son who looks to me for direction, and I am determined to show him beauty in all things on this Earth.

This site is a reflection of my thoughts at any given moment. Topics range from parenthood to poetry — spirituality to struggle. I ask questions of my readers, of myself, and of the universe. I find solace in spirituality and connecting with others. My deepest of thoughts are disguised as ‘poetry.’ If you find yourself here — at LifeofKi — and feel compelled to comment or email, please do. Feedback is welcome — more so, appreciated. Stories of your own, I would love to hear. Friendships, by all means, please introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Kiley. Nice to meet you :)


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Life is the meditation — let's be present for it all