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Sometimes we see a light.

It is so bright, so brilliant, so lovely that we become entranced by it.

Blinded by it.

It holds us so closely.

We become lost within it.

Wading in its newness.

Showering in the fresh aromas that it brings.

The first sight of it takes us – picks us up, shakes us – as if to say, I am here. Look at me.



We often forget what the light really is.

What is it?

Abstract: We cannot touch it, cannot taste it, cannot smell it.

It is right in front of us.

And yet, it is never to be reached. Never to be caught.

Never can we grasp it. Never can we hold on to it.

Never can we say, look at this – THIS is tangible. THIS is in my hands, now.


Our minds scorn our bodies —

After all, they cannot grasp the depth of the light.

The mind, too tired to wait for the body to understand this light,

Takes over.

It is this moment that we – all consumed by the pull of the light – hear the mind.

Her chatter, so loud. Her words, so cunning. Her sentences, so verbose.

But wait, what is that? What is that whisper?

The words are too loud. The whispers, too soft.

The mind:

It wins.


The Mind… she says… “The pull of what we can’t give up takes hold.”


So we let the light slip.

We let it go.

Because we cannot have it, we set it free.

We forget its importance. We lose sight….

Of it.

And the light moves on….


To curious eyes, to curious minds.

The light is seen again.

The light lives on.



….in those who choose to listen to the whispers …






Stay curious, always.

See the light, now.

Let it burn.







–Original Poem–






Inspiration: Lyrics from —

Jay Brannan’s “Say It’s Possible”

Ellie Goulding’s “Burn”



Leave your ego here. Yes, right here at the end of this sentence.

Good, you are in the present moment.

Take these words in – as objectively as possible.

As a great friend once said, “Let your mind focus, and in that focus — set it free.”




What if there is no Heaven? No Hell? What if they are not actually ‘places’ at all?

What if God is with us, here, now, instead of waiting for us at the pearly white gates of Heaven? What if ‘He’ is stabilizing us, just as the ground stabilizes each stride? What if He speaks to us, just as the wind brushes a cheek? What if ‘He’ is not really a ‘He,’ but rather an ‘It’? What if God is actually the Universe?

I can’t say for sure that there are destinations called Heaven and Hell — I like to imagine ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ are elements within us; they make up our being. ‘Heaven’ is the soul within each of us. ‘Hell’ is the mind. In essence, I imagine humans as reflections of the universe. Not reflections of God per say – although I still believe in higher thinking, higher powers. Yet, where some people say ‘God’ is the highest thinker, I say the ‘universe’ is the highest thinker. Therefore, we as humans are very capable of achieving high(er) thinking. ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ within us, however, often intervene and may even hold us back from pursuit of a freeing knowledge – one that is content, peaceful, removed from care and concern.

The Universe is very beautiful, very stubborn, very dangerous at times. So are humans. Very beautiful, very stubborn, very dangerous. The Universe is impermanent — always changing — and I believe humans are no different. We change every day. We grow older; our features fade; we grow weak; we die. Our minds are no different from our bodies. Our minds evolve — just as the old Oak tree grows and strengthens its roots, we cannot forget that it was once a tiny seedling. So, if the Universe and humans are mirror images of impermanence, then how could we ever believe in any fixed, finite places called Heaven and Hell?


Where is your ego now? Has it returned? What is it saying? Have I challenged your beliefs? Perhaps. I hope I have not angered or offended anyone. Never an intention of mine. These thoughts, they come and they go. Some flourish in my mind, others are never to be seen again. Hopefully your eyes are a bit wider, mind turning a bit quicker, heart beating a bit faster. These are all lovely signs. Signs that you are alive. Just remember, no human knows the answer to Heaven and Hell. Be tolerant of other viewpoints, even if you do not agree. Stand firm in your views. Hold tight to what you know now. After all, the only thing we know for sure – is what the universe offers NOW.

Just a thought

“Every new day is beautiful, you know.
Each newly passing cloud is a reminder that all things are temporary; this too shall pass – whatever it may be.
New life drinks in the warmth of the sun as it rises.
It is always there, you know. The sun, that is.
Even though you may not see it, it is always sustaining life, your life.

Maybe that is why people have faith that Jesus is our Savior.
Maybe He is the sun.
Not the Son, but the sun.
Maybe it was lost in translation somewhere.
It would make more sense if He were the sun.
I would believe if that were the case.
Reassured He is there, sustaining my life, our lives.
Although not always visible, but inevitably present to guide my day, advise me to rest, and wake me again tomorrow.”


Original poem